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DSC00440 DSC00441 DSC00443 DSC00445 DSC00446 DSC00450 DSC00451 DSC00452 DSC00454 DSC00460 DSC00462 DSC00463Our day…

Such a wonderful day in the Toddler’s room today. We had so much fun, with so many happy smiles.

Beginning our day, we all had a little run around outside. It was nice and warm outside so we stayed there for a little longer than usual. While we were outside, Mia, Emily and Asha were playing on the tunnel. The girls were climbing on top and sitting on it. As they were sitting there, they were watching all their other friends run around.

Coming inside, Miss Des’ree asked all the children to sit on the circle mat. Using the puppets and the felt board, the children sang various songs with Miss Des’ree. Together, they sang songs such as, “Humpty Dumpty,” “5 Little Speckled Frogs,” “If You’re Happy and You Know it” and “5 Buns.” All of the children were singing along excitedly as they enjoy group time very much.

During activity time, Miss Des’ree decided to make Poppys for ANZAC Day. All the children had painted paper plates the colour red that will then be cut into Poppys. The children who had enjoyed this activity was Billy, Mikaela and Asha. These children had so much fun that they got paint all over their hands! As well during activity time, Matthias and Lucas were enjoying themselves as they were playing with the bolts. The boys used these to stack on top of each other to see how tall they can stack it until it fell over.

Miss Jade decided that she wanted to read some books on the mat during activity time. The books read were, “Row, Row Your Boat” and “Sesame Street ABCs” The friends that had joined Miss Jade on the mat were Matthias, Billy, Mia, Emily and Lucas. While the children were playing, Amber was on the mat singing songs that were sang during group time. She has been practices these songs very well as she knew a lot of the words.

This afternoon after the children have all had a rest and had some afternoon tea, we will head back outside. It has been such an amazing day today with all of our friends. Everyone has been enjoying themselves and playing nicely with each other.