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Our day….

In the morning before we all came inside, Miss Sue had brought her umbrellas for her class. Emily and Mia were especially intrigued and interested in these umbrellas. So, Miss Des’ree decided that today’s art activity would be to create their own umbrellas. After morning tea, Miss Des’ree asked the children what colour they would like to paint the umbrellas for the art activity today. Lucas and Mia responded with saying the colour, ‘blue.’

At activity time, Joseph found a long spoon in home corner. He then found some home corner foods and placed them on the ground. With his long spoon, he bent his knees and swung his spoon to hit the home corner food. It looked like he was playing golf or hockey. Chloe saw this fun and decided to join in she placed the “ball” on the floor for her friend to hit then the two took turns at using their imaginary “bat”.

During group time, Miss Jade brought out a special mystery box for the children. Miss Jade would pull out a song or a book to share with the children. Everyone was so interested and excited to see what was inside the box.

To finish our group time Miss Jade transitioned the children from the mat to the tables for morning tea. She used the felt shapes and asked each child to say what shape she was pointing at. Most of the children were very successful at identifying the shape.

After morning tea, Chloe, Billy, Mia, Emily and Matthias went to sit on the mat to read books. Sitting together, they were chatting to each other about their books and looking through the pages.

During activity time, Joseph, Emily, Matthias and Billy played together to build a tower. They all used the larger coloured blocks to see how tall they could build their tower.

Over all a fantastic and busy day, thank you toddlers!

Miss Des’ree and Miss Jade


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