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Our day…..

This morning out in the yard Miss Des’ree hopped oved to the herb garden with Billy, Matthais, Mia , Hollie,Lucas and Amber. With the children we identified the herb mint. Miss Des’ree told the toddlers to smell and feel the mint leaves. Then all together the toddlers had a taste, at first most of the toddlers didn’t like the strong taste they made lots of funny faces but as they chewed on the leaf they decided in the end they loved it ! lots of the toddlers went back for another taste saying “mint!”.

Miss Des’ree did a group time in the yard this morning. For something different we decided to sing and do gross motor action songs outside. today we sang:

–          The ants go marching

–          Hop bunnies, frogs and kangaroos

–          How does a caterpillar go?

We moved our legs and arms like animals some fast ones and some slow ones. The toddlers loved the different experience.

For our arts and craft Miss Jade prepared some more Easter activities we made Easter baskets and Easter eggs, Asha, Billy, and Chloe really enjoy playing Picasso and spent a long period of time at the art table. Great work toddlers!

At activity time Jayden explored all the toys in the room until he found his favorite connector blocks, for most of play time he kept himself busy with the connector toys happily exploring them and then moving on to the next toy that caught his interest.

Miss Jade and Miss Des’ree have had a fantastic day with the toddlers!

Thank-you toddlers!