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Our  day…


Bubbles is one of the children’s favorite activities in the morning. Today Miss Des’ree was calming some friends down who felt a bit upset from drop off. Miss Des’ree sat with Emily, Chloe and Mia and said to take big breath and slowly breath out to help the children calm down we blew bubbles to encourage the slow breaths. Soon the girls were giggling and eager to blow the bubbles. Well done girls!

The children really love doing arts and craft especially using the vibrant colours in textars. So for activity time today Miss Des’ree decided to do some tie-die art with the children. Almost the whole class got involved using the textars, colouring wipes and picking the colours they wanted. Chloe was so happy with her art work she gasped and wanted to do another one. Mikaela, Amber, Lucas and Hollie joined in and enjoyed themselves concentrating and using their fine motor skills.  

Out in the yard this morning Matthais was playing with a yellow truck, Billy then came over with the big recycle truck and gave it to Matthias. The boys looked at each other and silently swapped trucks. Good sharing boys!