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Miss Amy did group time this morning with the toddlers she sang:

–         If your happy and you know it

–         5 little speckled frogs

–         5 cheeky monkeys

–         Good morning song

–         ABC

–         Wheels on the bus

–         Humpty dumpty

All the toddlers loved their group time with Miss Amy Billy and Amber did a fantastic job at singing their ABC’s well done!

During group time the toddlers noticed Miss Amy putting the emotion faces on the felt bored as she put them on the toddlers called out the emotions saying : “happy, angry, sad, worried and sleepy” . the toddlers are very good at identifying their feelings! Well done friends!

Todays interest we had wheels on the bus all the toddlers love this song so Miss Des’ree and Miss Amy put the CD on. Matthais, Emily, Billy, Amber all sung the song and did the actions to the wheels on the bus! To extend on their interest the toddlers were able to design their very own special bus using yellow paint and yellow crepe paper! We have some very clever little Picasso’s in our room.

To finish our activity time we had a disco with the fairy lights to get the toddlers moving and burning their extra energy. Matthais, Amber and Chole are expert dancers and let all their friends know it moving their hips and jumping to the beat.

Over all a fantastic day in the toddlers!

Miss Des’ree and Miss Amy-jo

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