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Our day….

Another fabulous day in the toddlers room! This morning we came in a bit early and let the toddlers play before sitting down for group time. Jayden went straight to the peg bored and started sticking them on the bored then followed Mikaela, Chloe,  Matthais and Emily who also joined in the activity. Mia and Hollie used the pegs as finger puppets and sang “5 cheeky monkey’s”

When the toddlers finished playing they helped Miss Jade and Miss Des’ree pack away all the toys then sat down on the mat ready for puppets and songs today we sang:

–          Good morning and welcome song

–          Felt faces song “happy and you know it”

–          5 Humpty dumpty’s

After a short group time we then went to the tables and ate some yummy jelly and fruit all the toddlers enjoyed jelly and were eager for seconds!

After morning tea we all worked really hard on some drawings selecting different colours, Miss Des’ree and Miss Jade have been encouraging the toddlers to use pencil grip, well done to Amber, Chloe, Mia and Asha on your pencil grip. Lucas was using the small stacking toys at group time. He was stacking up them up as tall as he could. He tried to put some more on his tower, but it kept falling. Miss Jade helped him and encouraged him to keep trying. At the end, he was able to place a few more on his tower.

After activity time, Miss Jade had read a few stories for the children to enjoy. Sitting next to Miss Jade was Chloe. She saw the pile of books and started to pretend that she was reading to the class as well.

Over all Miss Jade and Miss Des’ree have had a great day with the toddlers!

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