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Hello and welcome to a very happy and fun filled day with the toddler 1 room as we were ready for our Funky Feet class with Miss Jenni. Jumping on the colored circles and running races with the shakers as we moved to lot’s of different music. Joaquim, Samuel and Blake had already been to Tumble tots. Saxon was very excited to see the new BBQ in the home corner and after morning tea was in a hurry to begin cooking the sausages for his friends.

To extend on our play dough making experience we made some red icing to make biscuit faces. This was an amazing group activity and please enjoy the photos. The photo book has lot’s of new photos in for you to enjoy which is down on the table outside the foyer. Back at the table with Samuel, George, Tianna, Millie, Jules, Max, Saxon, Sophie, Blake and Joaquim it was time to put the smarties and ladybirds onto the icing and then we put them into the fridge to set before we can enjoy them for afternoon tea. Some of the children were eating them as we were making them!!!!! All good because we had lot’s.

Mr Nick has carved our pumpkin to make a face. Thank you. Thank you to Tianna who has brought back our Spotty dog friend and shared their adventures with us today.  To transition we sat with our Toddler 2 friends before lunch and read the book and last cuddles with Tianna. Spotty enjoyed watching Tianna having swimming lessons and doing some painting. Next visit will be with Samuel.  Miss  Rowena also read the books The Very Busy Spider, Spot Goes On Holiday and Spot Goes to the Circus. Have a wonderful evening with lot’s of love from Miss Sue and Miss Rowena OXOXOXXOXOOXXOXO