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Hello and welcome to a very happy but very hot Wednesday with the toddler 1 room. Today was the toddler 2 room Christmas party and we were able to have their room this morning and as it was cooler to be indoors this was a great way to spend the morning. Miss Jenni came and took us for funky feet and we danced and sang along to Baby Shark and the Chicken dance. Please enjoy the photos as there are quite a lot today. Lot[s of  fun as George, Jules, Blake, Tianna, Sophie, Millie, Saxon, Joaquim and Max all enjoyed different activities being in another room.

When the toddler 2 children came back in from being at their party we did our Santa Koala practice for them and then all enjoyed a picnic lunch eating our burgers. So yummy. Only one sleep until our party. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow with lot’s of love Miss Sue and Miss Rowena OXOXXOXOXO SLEEP WELL TODDLERS AND SWEET DREAMS OF SANTA KOALA OXOXOXXOXOXOXO