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Hello and welcome to Happy Wednesday at the hills. It was lovely to be back after a couple of days off with family, to see everyone so happy and enjoying some cuddles on arrival from Murray and Toby. Thank you Miss Rowena, Miss Bronan ,Miss Cheryl and Miss Dakota for looking after all the children so well. We continued today with the Bees that Miss Rowena had prepared for our spring interest. Please enjoy the photos just like a picture tells a thousand words. Jasmine, Lola, Leon and Emily were racing along the veranda and Murray joined in as the race was on. Later we read Roary the racing car driver story. We also read Goldilocks and the Three Bears to extend on our Teddy Bear picnic week that we all took part in last week. Thank you again for your input.

Apollon arrived and was happy to have his bunny to play with in the garden. Evie spent time riding along the path with her puppy with smiles. Termeh and Toranj arrived as we were ready to sing along to our good morning songs After morning tea Termeh, Toranj, Emily, Murray and Evie all went to gymnastics. Some new toys including a ferris wheel, a leggo market stall, a pegboard wooden fruit piece set and a counting wooden set that encourages maths concepts and imagination. Miss Bronan joined us before lunch.  Have a lovely evening with family with love from Miss Sue Miss Rowena and Miss Bronan OXOXXOXOXOXOXO

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