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Our day…..

Miss Jade and Miss Des’ree have had a great day with the toddlers! Today we are celebrating Asha’s 2nd birthday as she is away on the 16th, as a class at group time Miss Desree, Miss Jade and all of Asha’s friends sung her happy birthday.

 The toddlers are very comfortable with each other and openly express their feelings through their actions. During activity time today Mia sat down on a chair nursing a toy baby, Emily then got a chair and sat with her then joined Lucas, Amber and Chloe. The toddlers sat together happily chatting in their secret language.

During activity time Chloe and Jayden loved exploring the plastic nails and tools they were able to unscrew and screw up the nails using their fine motor skills. Today we extended on Lucas interest in cars. With paper plates the toddlers decorated their very own car. Everyone in the class enjoyed this activity.

The toddlers have grown strong bonds together the past few months, during drop off times and when a friend is feeling sad the toddlers understand that a hug can make it all better. Today Mia demonstrated lots of care for Matthais, Billy and Emily who fell over at different times of the day. Mia ran over as fast as she could to give a hug to the friends in need. What a beautiful class we have!


Miss Des’ree and Miss Jade love the toddlers !

Thankyou toddlers for another fantastic day!

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