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We read:  Hide and Seek on the Farm, Hide and Seek in the Forest and Hide and Seek in the Sea.

We sang:  Old Macdonald had a farm, Baa Baa Black Sheep (child request). ABC (Saxon request), Incy, Wincy Spider (George request).

Transition:  If your name is ….. go wash your hands.


Miss Sue away today, so Miss Vanessa was in the room with Miss Rowena.


We had lots of fun outside this morning.  Many of the children gathered at the sandpit, Saxon was making a ‘birthday cake’.  We filled the big bowl with sand but when we tried to tip the cake out so we could put some candle in it, the cake all fell apart.  We worked together to work out why, the dry sand did stay together but when we had a handful of wetter sand it stayed together.  So the children dug and dug until they reached the wet sand.  We filled the bowl with the wet sand and turned it out and we were so happy when the sand cake stayed together.  The children searched for some items from the garden, pretending they are candles.   George decided we needed ‘5’ candles.  We sang happy birthday to Saxon…he told me “I not really ‘5’” with a really big smile. The children in the sandpit continued making lots of different sized cakes, digging for the wet sand and trying independently to turn the bowls over without all the sand falling out.

After a big play and run around, the children went to the bathroom, washed hands really thoroughly before heading inside to greet with Miss Jen, who was here to do some dancing with us.  Miss Jen bought in some fun lights and streamers for us to use in our dancing.  The toddlers were amazing, they listened and followed Miss Jen’s directions…well done.

After a big dance, we needed to was hands and head to the outside tables for a yummy morning tea.  They were all very hungry with many requests for more.

Activity time was busy but calm.  Miss Rowena set up some spray bottle painting on the fence outside.  There was only three big sheets of paper set up, so it was important for the toddlers to take turns.  Lots of turn taking words were used by the educators to help the toddlers understand the process of ‘my turn, your turn’, they all did very well, handing over the bottles when their turn was finished with no tears or sad faces.  Spray bottle painting is great for strengthening finger muscles.  The toddlers also learnt the need to stay focused and be mindful of their peers when they were pointing the spray bottles.  There was lots of laughs as the odd spray bottle was misfired.  Saxon, Joaquim, Tiana, Millie,  George and Sophie absolutely loved this activity.

Inside the toddlers enjoyed the camp area.  Miss Vanessa sat with the children and was served sausages by Sophie, Sam and Blake, George and Jules prepared a hot chocolate with marshmallows.  We spoke about the need to be safe around the BBQ, as they can be very hot.  We thought up ways of making sure our food isnt’t too hot to eat or drink…give it a little time to cool and may be give it a little blow.  Our conversation moved to the things we might see when we go camping.  The children had lots of ideas, fish off a hook, snakes and maybe a spider (maybe a connection to our recent Halloween fun).  So much fun with the toddlers role playing a camping adventure.

The toddlers also enjoyed playing with the self select toys on the shelf.  Max had a great time with the rocket ship and the ferris wheel.  Sam , Max, Joaquim and Tianna also enjoyed playing with the wooden farm activity on the mat.

Time to pack away and head outside for some more fun before joining on the mat with some friends from Toddlers 2, we read some stories that connected to some of our mornings activities.  Hide and Seek in the forest, we could go camping in the forest and maybe see some of the animals that were hiding.  Hide and Seek in the farm … what animals did we have in the Toddler 1 farm, we sang Old Macdonald had a farm with the animals the children could remember.

It was now time to wash hands and prepare for lunch and our rest time.  They were very busy toddlers this morning, so they were ready for a little nap to recharge for the afternoon’s activities.

Miss Rowena and Miss Vanessa had a fantastic day with the Todder 1 group.