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Our Day……

We have had a very adventurous day in the toddlers’ room. Out in the yard Miss Des’ree introduced Emily and Mia to the plant Roselle in the herb garden , the two girls helped Miss Des’ree pick  the flowers from the bush. Mia was very excited to show her classmates the flower she picked she offered the bud to Billy, Hollie and Asha . The toddlers each had a turn at smelling the bud and feeling the rough edges with their hands. To expand on this experience Miss Des’ree decided to make the Roselle bud into a tea for the toddlers to try, we got a bottle of warm water and infused it with the bud then to make  sweet we added some honey, hmmmm!

Lucas and Amber were very interested in the activity sitting and observing Miss Des’ree mix and add honey, water and the flower together. All the toddlers had a cup of yummy Roselle tea Billy, Lucas, Jayden, Hollie and Asha enjoyed seconds, it was a very relaxing tea party! Great work toddlers!

After our tea party Miss Jade got the playdough out for the toddlers to play with they love Playdough! Emily made a star, Mia Made a yummy pizza, Billy rolled it up into balls and Amber and Jayden really enjoyed using the utensil on the playdough filling cars with it and using lots of cookie cutters to cut them up.

After our fantastic activity time the toddlers sat down with Miss Jade and explored colours we explored the different colours of humpty dumpty puppets then we sang the song together as always puppets are the toddlers favorite. Miss Des’ree and Miss Jade have been introducing new numeracy songs to the toddlers today Miss Jade sang:

          4 little ducks

          3 cheeky monkeys

          3 fat sausages

          5 humpty dumpty’s

Matthais especially loves 3 rosy apples, all the toddlers did a good job at sitting down , listening and participating in group time songs.

Over all Miss Jade and Miss Des’ree have had a great day again!

Thank-you Toddlers!