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Our day….


Its been a great day in the toddlers room! Our friends have grown a fair bit since the start of the year, today they helped one another showing care and love with their friends.

During the morning group time Miss Amy used our feeling faces on the felt board to help the children in practicing identifying these emotions and responding to these with the correct movements and sounds! Everyone had fun yelling out the emotion and getting ready for the action but when it came to the emotion ‘worried’ some friends found this one difficult to identify so we practiced the word ‘worried’ together and used the action of hugging to respond to this. Thank you for the big cuddle Billy!

Today in the class room during activity time there were several areas of interest for our friends to move throughout, there were blocks, prams with babies and the new and improved home corner! The children expressed their wonder and excitement as they enjoyed the space deciding what to play next.

Lucas and Amber were playing in the home corner when Lucas accidentally knocked into Amber, Miss Amy then went to see that Amber was okay and Lucas turned to Amber and placed his hand on her arm. – this was very caring and lovely to see Lucas, well done!

Mia was carrying a basket of teddy bears from one side to the other that was quite big, Emily saw this and went over and took one side of the basket to help carry it. Once they placed it on the ground Emily then left and something else so this showed that she was just interested in helping and being a great friend! – nice work Emily

Mikaela saw Asha playing with the colourful blocks and went over to join in, as she put a block on top of the tower it began to wobble and fall, Mikaela tried to catch it but some fall on the floor so together they acknowledged the funny site of the tower toppling over and helped to pick up the blocks to try again.

During our mid-morning group time Miss Des’ree decided to use songs that encourage the children to use their gross motor skills and move their bodies to enjoy the actions of hopping like a bunny, snapping like a crocodile and flying like a butterfly. Everyone had a go with this and were laughing and singing while doing so, it was lovely to see!

Over all its been a great day!

Miss Des’ree and Miss Amy-jo


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