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October 9, 2019 Toddlers 1 No Comments

Hello and welcome to Happy Wednesday We hope you all had a good long weekend and sorry for not remembering yesterday. There is a still an hour time difference . Well it was a bit cooler today and we were happy to feel that change as we explored the outdoors. Miss Rowena had set up some colouring in on the veranda that we enjoyed with Toddler 2 friends. Also yesterday Murray had a new haircut from the weekend that looks really cool. The photos from the weekend on the boat are on our weekend wall thank you for sharing. Today the race was on for the bikes with Jasmine, Lola and Emily speeding along the path and Toby was all smiles chasing after them. Leon was busy with his yellow digger that he brought in to show friends. Jordie enjoyed looking at the books on the veranda. Emily picked some leaves from the garden and put on the kitchen shelf. We will be exploring with our garden activities next week.

Termeh and Toranj enjoyed some cuddles and were soon playing peek a boo over the wall with friends. Evie soon found the red car and went for a ride. Apollon arrived and was ready for morning tea. Please enjoy the photos. Then it was time for gymnastics for Termah, Toranj, Emily, Evie and Murray. Miss Rowena set up some more Halloween art and craft this time Smelly Feet trick or treat. Using white paint and the children’s feet. Making foot prints and then putting on eyes!!!!!. Toby, Jasmine and Lola. Apollon and Jordie with Leon all enjoyed the car and garage activities on the mat. Lot’s of fun dancing to Frozen and the Wiggles. Miss Alex came in before lunch and read some of our favourite stories. Have a lovely evening with love from Miss Sue and Miss Rowena OXOXOXXOXOXOXO Dress up Halloween from 28th -31st October. Thank you OXOXOXOXXO

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