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Toddlers 1 Learning Story
Wednesday, February 3rd 2016
We have enjoyed a much cooler start to the day and had a lovely play in the yard before settling into our day.
We welcomed our new friend Jayden to our class today. He has had such a wonderful day and settled in really well. Jayden and his cousin Mikaela enjoyed playing in the home corner area and were very busy doing lots of cooking!!
Miss Jo settled some of our sad friends with some singing this morning. Using the puzzles Miss Jo would sing a song about the different animal puzzle pieces. This seemed to work to settle Jayden and Lucas who became upset when they saw a friend crying. We sang ‘Never smile at a crocodile’ and ‘The Elephant walks’.
Asha has had a very happy day and spent some time on her own during activity time. She sat in home corner with Miss Jade and was busy playing with the pots and pans.
Billy, Amber, Lucas and Matthias were eager to participate in the art and craft activity. We re-used some old boxes and encouraged the toddlers to work with a friend and collage these boxes. Amber enjoyed working on her own and did a great job finding different coloured papers to stick on the box. Billy had fun gluing down patty pans and then peeling them off. Lucas and Matthias worked well together to share a box. They both glued different items onto the box. Jayden and Mikaela joined in with the fun at the table and Jayden encouraged his cousin to help him glue papers onto his box.
We have had a very busy but happy day in the toddlers room.