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hello toddler 1&2 families!

what a busy and fun filled day we have had today. we started our morning off with keeping our bodies active and warm. we used the toys we had set up in our yard. in our yard there was:

  • bikes
  • sandpit
  • obstacle course
  •  running races

ocean and onyx raced each other the yard on our bikes. giggling the whole way and telling their educators to watch them. Jules and Lazar explored the yard finding our smaller basketballs and passing them around with their friends.

once we had finished our morning play we made our way inside and washed our hands ready for morning tea. we ate up all our food and transitioned for a group time with Miss Dakota. today for group time we started of with:

  • days of the week
  • welcome to country

Miss Dakota explained to us what our activity for the day would be. she showed us how we would be making our spider webs and then as a class we sang ‘incy wincy spider’ taking use of our display we are making for this song.

Apollon showed great listening ears and responsiveness, when Miss Dakota asked who knows what day it is he shouted ” THURSDAY”

Millie really enjoyed group time this morning. she had great time singing along to Incy Wincy next to our display with her class mates

for our outside time today we had lots of activities on offer. these activities were:

  • spider webs
  • cloud art
  • free play

Michael, Emmy, Mack,Mason and Claudia all loved doing the spider web art. they did a great job and their webs look amazing !

Finn, Sammy and Chen-Yi spent their time in the sandpit making some yummy food or great sandcastles

Zephyr,Alby,Theo and George did a great job showing their skills off and making their way across the obstacle course.

Tianna and Zoe enjoyed spending some time with Miss Bronagh reading some stories and getting lots of cuddles

overall its been a fun filled day! we look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow !

Miss Dakota, Miss Desree, Miss Marina, Miss Sue and Miss Rowena



Written by elctoddlers1

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