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Hello Toddler 2 families!!!!! MRS KATHERINE IS BACK!!!! Thank you for all my wedding well wishes we had a wonderful day (even though it rained) but in the end it all worked out fun!!!!

I had a lot of lovely cuddles from my little friends who I have missed the last 2 weeks and even though I have only been gone a short time they all seem like they have grown in height and their development!! Well done to Juha, Olivia and Zyanna separating so comfortably from their parents this morning this is showing that they are feeling safe and secure in their environment which is fantastic!!!!

We had a great morning just exploring our room and getting back into the swing of things with Miss Katherine she just wanted to sit and play with us we cooked in the home corner and did drawings and spoke about what we were going to plan for next week!! Miss Katherine showed us some shells that she collected with her little boy on the beach the day after the storm, we also had fun with the shells and other decorations that Miss Katherine used at her wedding the children had fun sorting them into containers and smelling them as they had a lovely perfume!!

Well it’s great to be back and looking forward to next week for heaps of fun and learning!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you Monday J

Miss Katherine, Miss Sue and Miss Thea