Happy rainy Friday families!

This morning the children played in the yard with the different activities Mis Des’re has set up. Pia, Emilia and Chen yi sat down on the reading mat and enjoyed observing the pictures of their favourite books. Adam, Carter, River, Michael and Finn used the buckets and shovels, Aubry, ChenYi and Sadie did some acro-yoga with Miss Marina, and  Claudia and Mason tried to do roly polies and cartwheels, then we all did a line and went through the stepping stones. Mason and Pia also put the sharks on the bikes to got for a ride.

Micheal, Finn and Adam were fixing the pram together, pretending they were mechanics, and decorating it with Xmas decoration and leaves.

For activity time the children enjoyed indoor and outdoor activities.

– Climbing in the net and obstacle circuit/ outdoor activity: Carter, Finn, Sophia, Pia, Mason and Emilia loved to climb up the net and roll down, they laugh at each other and kept going up and down.

– Rainbow art: Aubry, Michael, Claudia, ChenYi, Pia, Emilia, River and Sadie used their hands and brushes to do a rainbow using all sort of colours.

– Reading time with Miss Jess: Sophia, Finn, River, ChenYi, Aubry and Sadie sat down with Miss jess and read all the books from the cupboard. They really enjoy the story time.


Over all its been a great Friday, hope you have a good weekend!

Miss Jess, Miss Marina and Miss Dakota