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Happy Friday Toddler 2 families we hope that you have all had a great week and looking forward to a well-deserved break over the weekend.

We started off outdoors this morning Hannah and Bella were chasing each other around the yard laughing saying “can’t get me” Alex was very busy in the mud pit digging up all of the bark and putting it into his bucket.  Jack and Blake were having a splash around with the cups in the water trough.

We then came inside for group time before morning tea, we used our interactive weather chart that everyone is very interested in and we have been learning the days of the week and the months of the year. Miss Katherine asked everyone what day they thought it was today Jack said “Sunday” in a big loud voice, no its Friday Miss Katherine said, Bella, Hannah, Alex, Blake & Jack repeated Friday after Miss Katherine “yay” said Alex.  We then looked out the window Miss Katherine asked what type of day does it look like we decided on cloudy, sunny and windy. We then read the story I need a hug which is about a little porcupine that needs a hug from someone but no one wanted to cuddle him because of his prickly spikes he came across a snake that just wanted a hug too so the porcupine got his hug, we then went on to discuss how to be a good friend and everyone gave each other a cuddle!!!

It was then time for free play Alex and Miss Katherine sat on the block mat and built a big tower with the coloured square blocks Alex was very careful placing the blocks on top of each other so they all wouldn’t fall down but when it came crashing down he laughed J

 Jack was loving the racing cars zooming them up down the floor while Blake was very busy trying to do the dinosaur puzzle and did a great job and manipulating the pieces to try and make them fit. Bella was being a great mum in the home corner with Hannah looking after all of the babies pretending to pat them to sleep.

We then went outside for a run around in the crazy wind everyone was running and laughing, we all came to the sandpit where we all had a bucket each filled with water and filled them up with sand, using our hands we scooped out the wet sand and let it drip through our fingers creating little balls of sand in the sand pit it was a very relaxing activity.

Thanks for fun week of play and learning Toddlers have a wonderful weekend, see you all next week J

Miss Katherine and Miss Meg