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Hello beautiful families,

The rain went away, and the children enjoyed playing in the yard this morning and discovering the different funky hair styles. It was awesome to see them running around and climbing the fort. So much energy to let out. They enjoyed jumping from the rocks and playing with the balls. The music was on and they had great fun dancing on ‘I like to move it’, jumping like kangaroos. We stayed longer in the yard this morning as everybody was enjoying it. We waited for our children that went to the gym to be back, then we went inside to have the morning tea. Today was baked beans with bread.

We did more Easter activities this morning. The children liked to rip some photos from an Easter magazine to create their own version of Easter by sticking and assembling the pictures together. They chose what they liked in the magazine. For the second activity, they painted their own Easter card, an Easter Bunny in an egg, using watercolour. They did amazing by filling up the whole card with color. Each one had their unique way to paint, tapping, sliding the brush on the sheet, etc…

Miss Aurelie read us a book, “Night Monkey, Day Monkey” and then we enjoyed dancing on the birds songs. We did the shark, jumped like kangaroo, walked like giraffe, roared and walked liked tigers. Then we sang the slippery fish again in French, “Petit Poisson”, and it was already time to get ready for lunch.

Thank you so much for the beautiful day. Have all a wonderful weekend.

Miss Sue, Miss Rochelle and Miss Aurelie