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Welcome to fun Friday toddlers and welcome to our new friend in Jett he has settled in very well and finding some friends in Archer and Taytn. This morning we started the morning outdoors enjoying the beautiful sunshine and blowing bubbles Eve and Eva both wanted to have a turn at blowing the bubbles and were very excited when they blew just the right amount of breath to blow the bubbles out! Eva clapped “yaaaay” when she saw the bubbles floating in the air.

Miss Sue lead a lovely group time and sang everyone’s favourite songs

“5 cheeky monkeys swinging in the tree”, “the slippery fish” and “mr frog” all of the children sat wonderfully on the mat and listening intently. We also practiced the days of the week and spoke about the changing of the seasons and when outdoors we need to keep our shoes on our feet!

We then had some fun with the stickers which was great fun, the children were talking about all of the animals that they could see on the stickers Blake and Eve were loving the butterfly stickers and showed great fine motor skills in peeling the stickers off by themselves Karina was also loving the stickers and lined hers up in a straight row.

We then had a play outside in the big yard and the children had a great time climbing the rope net! Blake, Emilie, Eve and Archer were having a great time in the cubby house playing peek a boo through the windows with Miss Thea and Miss Sue.

Have a wonderful weekend, see you all next week for another fun week of learning!

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