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Happy Friday toddlers 2 families!

This Morning Michael and Mason explored the home corner area in our room. They were identifying the fruits and vegetables they found. Mason whipped up some milkshakes for himself and Mikey, while Mikey placed it all into food groups. Michael told Miss Dakota “a banana is an everyday food, and a cupcake is a treat”. River and Oliver were the next to arrive and they asked “outside?” so we got our hats and sunscreen on and made our way outside. Pia, River, Sadie, Sophia-Grace and Claudia sat with Miss Dakota and did some lovely colouring in while Chen-Yi, Adam, Michael. Carter and Aubry piled all the toys together to make a huge tower.

At 9 am Finn, Claudia, Emmy, and Adam went to gymnastics.

After our big morning play the toddlers came inside for some delicious morning tea of jelly, strawberries and banana.

overall it has been a great day in the toddlers two room and we look forward to seeing you all next week. we hope you enjoy your weekend!

Miss Desree, Miss Dakota and Miss Marina