September 13, 2019 Toddlers 2 No Comments

Happy Friday Toddler families! What a week we’ve had. This morning we had a nice start in the yard with all our favorite toys and friends. When we came inside Mr Lachie did one last amazing group time with songs and stories. For morning tea today we had a yummy warm custard and granola before our big show. Lucas Proudfoot put on a very interactive and fun show relating to aboriginal music and dance. He brought along some great indigenous instruments which he also let the children use. He had them dancing and engaged the whole time and we cant wait to see him back next year. After our exciting morning we had some chicken meatballs and salad for lunch before drifting off into the land of nod. When we woke up from rest time we did some more dancing before going outside and enjoying the afternoon.

P.s To our wonderful Mr Lachie we are so sad you’re leaving. The children love you so much and you will surely be missed…Hero’s get remembered but legends never die. Go Saints.

Miss Elizabeth Mr Lachie Miss Marina 

Written by elctoddlers2