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Happy fun Friday toddler 2 families we hope that you have had a good week. It was a quiet day today with a few of our friends away so that made for a fun and intimate learning! Hannah initiated that she wanted to play with the puppets which all children are loving Taytn found the letters of the alphabet and started to stick them on the felt board, Alex found the cheeky monkeys and started to sing ‘ snap snap” which is what the crocodile says in the song.  Lucy and Charlize were using the pig finger puppets they did their best to put them on their fingers but needed a little bit of help.  Blake found the wriggly worm puppets and tried to put them on his fingers waving them around in the air Zyanna was watching Hannah sing songs and smiling at her as she sang.

We then made some playdough which everyone got involved in, “Oooooh paydough” said Taytn, they sat at the table and used the pizza cutters to cut through the dough, Charlize used her hands to bang the playdough and looked up at Miss Katherine giggling when Miss Katherine asked her to smile for the camera.  Blake used the stacking cups to count as he built them up into a tower1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 6,8, 10 he counted. Lucy was very busy studying her playdough looking at it intently and smelling it before she started to use the cookie cutter to press into the playdough.

During group time we read a book about looking after the garden, in the book it read that if we see any rubbish lying in the garden we should put it in the bin Alex  ran to the bin and said “bin” it also mentioned that gardens need love so they can grow and this comes from the sun and rain and us looking after the plants being gentle with their leaves. We then followed on from the children’s interest in animals by reading a farm book Miss Katherine asked the children what each animal was in the book and what sound they made Charlize, Hannah, Blake, Lucy, Taytn, Alex and Zyanna were able to say the sound of most of the animals except for Turkey which Hannah named as a chicken Miss Katherine laughed and and told her it was a Turkey “ oh turkey “ she said. Miss Katherine made the sound that a turkey makes and they all laughed!!

Thanks for a fun day toddlers have a wonderful weekend 🙂DSC00313 DSC00312 DSC00311 DSC00310 DSC00309 DSC00308 DSC00306 DSC00305 DSC00304 DSC00303 DSC00302 DSC00300

Miss Katherine and  Miss Camila