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Hello beautiful families,

Welcome to another great day with the toddler 2 room as we are enjoying the Autumn weather. Balloons were very popular outdoors today with the children who were very happy to see each other. Walking around the garden was very exciting as we watched the animals arrive. We all walked over to the show as held the rope .

Miss Elizabeth from the Wildlife Rangers introduced herself and talked about the animals. Bubble gum the blue tongue lizard was first . Please enjoy the photos as miss Aurelie took lot’s. Then we met pineapple the Dragon lizard he was very prickly. It was the turtle next so very cute. She did tricks like rolling over, Shelly was her name. Leroy the snake, Stanley the  Tawny owl who we watched have some worms. Bango the  Possum who looked so cuddly was also eating some vegetables.  Last of all was Fiona the little crocodile. The children were really brave by patting those amazing creatures. They learnt about what animals are safe to touch and what we should never touch.

Back in the room, we all enjoyed a later morning tea with custard and fruit. The children spent time with the dolls and putting them in the sheets ready for bed. They enjoyed the train table and doing some cooking at the BBQ. Master chefs in the making. While others had fun watching Miss Aurelie putting some more lights on our amazing Eiffel Tower we have made. Puzzles, cars, dolls house and home corner were other activities.

For the group time, to extend on our animal show we danced to Crocodile rock and listened to Creepy Crocodile. The Crocodile puppet came out to play with the Rainbow monkey. We asked the children who was their favourite animal. The snake was one of their favourite. Miss Elizabeth from the show told us never to touch snakes. Today it was okay to touch Leroy as he was not poisonous. They had more fun with dancing to the Hokey Pokey, Chicken dance and Macarena !!!!Thank you Miss Ionni.

Thank you very much for a great week. We wish you all a great week end.

Lots of love miss Sue, Miss Ionni, and miss Aurelie.