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Hello Toddler 2 families and welcome to fun Friday!! It was a bit of gloomy old day today but hey it is winter!! We had some fun outside this morning practicing our hand eye co- ordination skills throwing and catching the balls in the air!! We then had a lovely group time with Miss Sue she brought in her doll from home that she got in Vanuatu we called her Valerie and she sat on the chair next to Miss Sue during group time, the children were very fascinated with the way her hair looked and her beautiful Hoola skirt.

We then made some aboriginal flags in line with our celebration of different cultures in our centre, we discussed what each colour on the flag meant the black represents the Aboringinal people of Australia, The yellow represents the sun and the red represents the colour of the earth. The children had a great time using the cotton buds to paint their flags.

Thanks for a wonderful day Toddlers have a lovely weekend see you next week J

Miss Katherine, Miss Sue and Miss Thea XXXDSC01878 DSC01875 DSC01874 DSC01873 DSC01871 DSC01868 DSC01867 DSC01865 DSC01864 DSC01861 DSC01859