Happy Friday!

This morning we had a slow start and enjoyed activities in the classroom. Oliver, Mason and Chen yi played with the magnets and observed the positive and negative sides to a magnet. Emmy and Pia cut out old Christmas cards and created their own bright pictures. The girls enjoyed using the scissors to practice their fine motor skills. At 8am we ventured into the toddlers 1 room for a new scenery. River, Emilia and Sadie enjoyed the wooden home corner and explore the different material. Outside Sophia helped Miss marina set up the veranda and enjoyed the wooden bikes.

At 9 am River, Oliver and Adam went to gymnastics with Miss Kim and Kate. When most of our friends had arrived to kindy we cleaned up the class and sat on the mat for a group time. Miss Des’ree started off with:

  • Days of the week
  • Aboriginal acknowledgment

Then we sung some Christmas songs:

  • Im a little snow man
  • What I want for Christmas

To finish up the group time we discussed the activities for the day For activity time the children were absorbed in activities.

At one table Miss Des’ree offered the children Christmas card cutting. Claudia, Adam, Pia, Emilia, Chen yi and Mason loved looking at the festive pictures and recognised “santa, reindeers, santa’s house, Baubles and Christmas stockings”.


At another table Finn, Sadie, Oiliver, Emmy, Pia, Sophia- Grace, River and Chen yi made fairy bread. The toddlers spead the butter and dipped their soft bread into bright sprinkles. the best part was last and all the toddlers enjoyed eating their creation.


While some friends did cooking and cutting, Emilia, Claudia , Sophia and Chen yi danced to frozen and Christmas tunes.


Over all its been a beautiful day

Miss Des’ree Miss Marina and Miss Dakota