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Happy Friday Toddler 2 families we hope everyone has had a great week!  We have had a fun and busy day today. We began the morning outside and everyone was very interested in watching Mr Nick mow the lawns with his ride on mower, Alex was following him along the fence line waving. We then had some bubble time Lucy and Charlize  were chasing the bubbles around the yard laughing” Bubble” said  Taytn has a reached out to touch one he laughed when it popped on his hand “oh no” he said. Alex and Jack were having fun with the trucks scooping up the bark and putting it in the back pushing them up the hill and emptying them again.  Blake then got the little bug scooter and gave one to Taytn where they scooted along the deck together.

We then headed inside for morning tea having a delicious fruit salad “nana”  

Alex said has he picked up his banana. “I really love watermelon” Jack said. After morning tea we then had free play Lucy and Charlize were sitting at the table playing with playdough they were copying each others actions banging the playdough with their hands and clapping. As we had a small group today we all sat together at the table and painted some Easter egg cut outs.  Jack chose blue, orange and red paint Charlize Taytn started using their paint brushes to paint their hands which was funny “oh no” Taytn said holding up his hand to Miss Katherine, Alex put his finger in the paint pot and used his hands to paint his Easter egg he saw a little bit of paint on the table “oh no” he said Miss Katherine said that it was ok and that we could clean it up later.

At group time Miss Katherine got our big dinosaur friend T-REX and the “dinosaur bones” story Jack and Blake had been talking a lot about dinosaurs when Miss Katherine held up the dinosaur and asked what it was “dinosaur!!” said  Blake  and  Jack “ROOOAAAARRRR” said Lucy we read about the big bones that they have and how they lived a very long time ago, and that if we wanted to see a dinosaur bone you would have to visit a museum Jack said “I have been to a museum I did a wee at the museum” Miss Katherine laughed and asked what he saw at the museum “I don’t know” he replied.

Thanks for a fun week toddlers!!! See you at the Easter party

Miss Katherine and Miss Tara 🙂