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Hello beautiful families,

Today we joined with toddlers 1 friends in our room as we were quieter. Early morning the outdoor area was open and the children enjoyed to climb up and down in the net, while other children enjoyed relaxing or playing with the wooden train under the tent. Some friends went to the gym and we all had a morning tea together. This morning it was raisin toast with banana and apple puree.

The children were happy to play together this morning so we set up some activities around the room but they also enjoyed some free play. The home corner and the barbecue area were busy, the dolls as well. The magnetic board with its magnets kept children engaged. New friendships were forming also this morning while they were playing catch me if you can around the little wooden house.

The puppet show had a great success again today with all the children. The children were enthusiastic to meet  the monkey’s crocodile, miss Polly and Marshall the firedog. They sang Jumping monkeys on the bed together. The children were all very involved in the muppet show this morning. It was a great moment.

Thank you so much for today,  stay warm and healthy over the week end. Have a great relaxing time.

Miss Sue. Miss Rochelle and Miss Aurelie