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Our day…

Today has been a very fun day in Toddler’s 2. We have had lots of play outside and inside today with so many great activities.

Beginning our day outside, it was nice and sunny to run around. Alex had enjoyed playing with the lawn mower. He was pushing it all around the yard pretending to cut the grass. Eventually, it was getting too hot outside so we went inside to play.

At activity time, Miss Camila had set up a few fun, craft activities. There was a painting table were the children used green paint to colour in the paper plates. Also at the painting table were some lettered sponges for the children to use. There was also a collage table where the children glued on coloured pieces of paper and cotton balls. The children who enjoyed this activity was Tatyn, Charlize, Hannah, Lucy, Blake, Jack and Archer.

Also at activity time, Tatyn, Blake, Lucy and Jack enjoyed playing with the ribbon. The children were swinging them all around making the ribbon fly across them. Himaley and Charlize had enjoyed doing the puzzles. The girls had completed the puzzles on their own with only a little bit of help. Archer had enjoyed playing with the cars. He was pushing them back and forth.

The children had such a wonderful day today. Everyone was very happy with a great way to end the week.