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Hello Toddler 2 families and welcome to fun Friday!! We have welcomed our new friend Emilie who has settled into her new environment very well and already making friends with  her peers and educators. We spent the beautiful autumn morning outside playing with the lawn mowers, chasing the balls and watching the big bin truck empty our bins everyone gets very excited waving to the truck when he arrives.

Taytn spotted a little spider hanging from  his web he was laughing when the spider started to climb up his web “oh no” he said, Miss Katherine told him that it was like the incy wincy spider in our group time song.

After morning tea we headed onto the mat for group time the children have been very interested in nature Miss Katherine was telling the children how she went for a bike ride with her son Xavier and he wanted to collect some leaves for a project he was doing at school, Miss Katherine collected some leaves and different flowers to use for craft also. Miss Katherine showed everyone the photos of her son collecting the leaves “I see him” said Hannah excitedly.

Taytn is going on a big plane on Monday to Hawaii which is very exciting! We had a chat about this at group time and Miss Katherine asked if anyone had been on a big plane before “I have” said Hannah, miss Katherine went on a plane recently and took a video from inside the plane as she was landing at the Gold coast airport and showed everyone the video “ohh plane” Taytn said when he saw the wings of the plane on the video, they were fascinated with the video “more” said Taytn, so we looked at some videos on youtube of big planes that Taytn is going on taking off and landing “whooooaaa big one” said Hannah.

To commemorate ANZAC day we made some ANZAC biscuits, now Miss Katherine was not blessed with the greatest baking ability but we managed to pull them off!! Everyone took it in turns of mixing in the ingredients “cookie cookie” said Lucy and Taytn as they mixed all the ingredients together.

We hope you all have a restful long weekend and Lest we forget those that gave their lives for our beautiful country!

Miss Katherine and Miss Camila 🙂DSC00451 DSC00453 DSC00454 DSC00456 DSC00458 DSC00463 DSC00466 DSC00469 DSC00470 DSC00472 DSC00473 DSC00474