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good afternoon families!

today we started off with a super chilly morning so we made sure we kept our bodies moving so we kept warm. in the yard this morning set up there was:

. obstacle course

. bowling

. we did running races

. mr peter filled up our sandpit with some lovely fresh sand

Michael and Emmy spent their morning playing lots of running races, building some sand castles and making Miss Dakota some coffees in our home corner

we moved inside for some morning tea. this morning we had some delicious yogurt and jelly. we sat great as we waited for our friends to finish and then transitioned to a group time with Miss Marina. Our group time this morning was a great one and we all sat so well and used great listening ears. our group time involved:

.day of the week

. aboriginal acknowledgment

. cheeky monkeys

. speckled frogs

Mason did a great job this morning at group time. he sat so nicely, used great listening ears and was very responsive to Miss Marina. when asked what the day was he shouted “FRIDAY”  well done mason

for our activity time this morning we separated the class and some of us spent time inside doing some puzzle art for our humpty dumpty wall with Miss Marina while the rest of us did some climbing on the rope outside with Miss Dakota and we rotated turns between these activities.

Emilia,Claudia and Finn did a great job on the climbing rope. the made their way to the top and waved at the people passing below them on the stairs.

Elsie and Ashton did a great job at the puzzle and helping Miss Marina put humpty back together again. they sang the nursery rhyme as they tried to find the correct puzzle piece.

Apollon and Adam spent their morning doing some free choice play. Using our animal corner they picked out and animal each and pretended to be in the jungle, Adam sung ” were going on jungle hunt” to his friend Apollon.

overall its been a great day spent together. we hope you enjoy your weekend and we look forward to seeing you all again next week.

Miss Dakota and Miss Marina

Written by elctoddlers1

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