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Happy Friday!

Its been a beautiful day in the toddlers two room! This morning Mason, Michael, Chen yi, Adam and Emmy were the first to arrive and enjoy their yard. Michael brought a number of natural items to show all his friends:

  • “Mason want the seed pods” asked Mikey, Mason was thrilled and held out his hand observe.
  • “Adam want to hold the leaves” said Mikey, “yes” said Adam and laughed
  • “Emmy and Chen yi follow me let’s make a bomb om fire”

The children enjoyed going to the garden to find loose parts and gathered them together in suitcases. While some friends reconnected with their natural environment others participated in:

  • Bike riding (Carter, Aubry and Mason)
  • Hoola-hooping (Emmy)
  • Playing on the fort (Sadie, Emilia, Sophia, Finn, Zoe and River)

After our big play the children came inside for some delicious morning tea of fruits and crackers! Their favourite!


(LO2 & LO1 &LO3: The toddlers are developing their social connections and can negotiate play spaces and toys. The children have bonded with one another and recognise fair and unfair behaviour. The children see themselves as apart of our natural world and appreciate what it has to offer)


Michael, Carter, Emmy, Sadie, Claudia, Sophia and Adam sat on the mat with Miss Marina to do a group time. We read a book about keeping ourselves calm and relaxed when we get upset, angry or frustrated, we talked about why we get upset and how do we feel like that, Emmy said: I feel scared when there is storm and thunder. Finn said he doesn’t : I like thunder Miss Marina! Michael interpretate himself when he throws a tantrum, he threw himself on the floor and screamed saying: I do this when I’m angry Miss Marina. They all tried to express what makes them feel sad, angry, upset or frustrated so we did a bit of a breathing to calm down and relax, in that moment our friends Emilia, River, Oliver, Zoe and Aubry joined the relaxation and we all did some exercises to calm down. After we sang our days of the week song, the aboriginal song and we checked the weather outside, Claudia said:

It’s sunny Miss Marina, and Adam added: and a bit cloudy! I can see a cloud. Emmy said that it was a bit windy and we finished the group time with a transition to the activities.


(LO5: group time is child and teacher initiated. The toddlers extend on their vocabulary and colour recognition)



For activity time the children enjoyed:

  • Creating ghosts out off cotton balls and PVA glue. We made sure that the items they used were all white Sadie made and observation and said “ look at my hands” she showed her teacher that the glue and cotton balls left fluff on her fingers. Carter, Emilia, Michael, Mason, Finn, Aubry, Claudia and River experienced the same texture on their fingers and enjoyed the ghost activity.
  • Outside Sadie, Claudia, Emilia, Sophia , Aubry and Michael continued to test their categorising skills though the monster match activity. The toddlers glued on eyes to their monster

(LO4: the toddlers know how to extend their learning cognitively and can elaborate though numeracy. The toddlers learn best with hands on activities. Sensory experiences build nerve connections within the developing brain’s neural pathways.)

Miss Des’ree, Miss Dakota,Miss Marina and Miss Alex