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A beautiful morning outdoors today, with lots of activities ready and waiting for our children, we had an area set with pretend babies, we added blankets, teddies, and a cot for role play opportunities. Sand play was also available with diggers, trucks, buckets, and spades for lots of construction. Abacus puzzles were available for cognitive opportunities and the jungle gym was open with the coloured steppingstones for our gross motor development. Chalk drawing on easels was also offered for our creative friends.
 11;00am group time today was with Miss Sue, Miss Sue had an easter basket full of easter stories to share, our favourite story today was a Peppa pig easter book, the children took notice of the chocolatey covered faces in the story and that opened the conversation to chocolate eggs and our easter holiday coming up. During our group time Mr Dan from Arakan martial arts took groups of 5 children at a time to engage in a lesson of Arakan, Mr Dan did hi fives with the big boxing pad along with some catching exercises and some throwing games, these small group sessions worked really well with all of our children participating and engaging in lots of different ways.
Today we have had a morning of self-selected activities, our children have engaged in lots of our favourite activities helping to develop our sense of agency and foster our own individual interests. Nyah, Mila, River, Carter, and Pip all chose to explore our new farm area this morning, Nyah picked up a little pig “baby pig” showing Miss Rochelle. The train tracks were busy with lots of construction and experimentation with motion, Hugh, Isla River, Summer and Darcy all chose to sit around the train table, Miss Rochelle sat with this group, helping the children to experiment, asking lots of questions about what they were doing encouraging verbalisation of their experience. Birdie, Pip, Darcy, and Isla took amazing care of our pretend babies, While Oliver, Archie, and Carter used play to explore our sea animals. Mateo, Imogen and Birdie demonstrated interest towards our new real-life images of bunnies, chickens and guinea pigs as a festive easter picture collection.