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Happy fun Friday Toddler 2 families we have had a very fun day! This morning while outside our favourite visitor arrived “truck” the children shouted and went running over to the fence to watch him lift up the bins they waved to the driver as he got out of his big truck and they were excited when he waved back at them. When he was finished emptying the bins all of the children waved goodbye to him at the fence. We then had some fun with bubbles  Blake, Archer, Charlize, Zyanna and Eva loved chasing the bubbles around the garden one popped on Charlizes nose and she was laughing another one landed on Blake’s head and he touched his head saying “bubble”.

Emilie bought in a special sensory book from her home that we read at group time she was very proud of her book and was showing all of her friends the pages and how each page had a different feeling, soft, rough, scratchy Lucy  was copying all of the words that Miss Katherine was saying.

Mr Blair then made playdough with us! Since we had such a small everyone had a turn at mixing in all of the ingredients, Archer and Olivia were watching on as the playdough started to change colour one batch was green and the other batch was yellow. Everyone then sat and moulded their playdough into different shapes Archer came running over to Miss Katherine and showed her what he had made “nana” he said “oh you made a banana” replied Miss Katherine all of the children sat there very engaged banging and cutting the playdough with the cutters.

During group time we had a dance party Olivia, Lucy, Charlize and Blake showed off their best dance moves which was very cute, we then sang along to heads and shoulders knees and toes which everyone did a fantastic job Miss Katherine then sang it super fast and all of the children were laughing excitedly!!

Thanks for a fun day toddlers have a great long weekend 🙂

Miss Katherine and Miss Sue and Mr Blair