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A big hello to all of our families and welcome to our fun Friday, we began our day with some flash card learning,focusing on language our children were asked to verbalise what they could see on the cards, extending the questions to include colour recognition and counting questions WOW we have very clever little learners in here! With the day a little grey outdoors we decided to brighten up our day by introducing a big rainbow tunnel, we had so much fun trying out new ways to manoeuvre our way through the tunnel, we also created a little hiding area in our tunnel with lots off friends climbing into the middle together with a little collection of small toys to play with inside the tunnel, a truly magical and fun way to end our week in toddlers 2!

We wish you all an amazing long weekend with your families and look forward to welcoming you all back on Tuesday for another week of learning adventures!

Miss Rochelle, Miss Aurelie and Miss Holly.