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Toddlers 2 – Friday 31st July 2020

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Happy Friday Toddlers 2 families!

 The weekend it´s here and we are so excited 🙂

We started the day in the yard playing in the new fort, sliding in the wooden ramp and laughing with each other. We opened the sandpit to play with the trucks and also we read some books.

Today we welcome our new friend River. He has done such an amazing job settling in to the room and enjoyed taking part in the group activities while creating new friendships.

We all sat together on the veranda to sing some songs. Mason wanted to sing ABC, Claudia Twinkle twinkle, Michael the Bobin up, and Apollon Tim the turtle, they love singing and mimicking. River observed everyone doing gestures and singing along. We washed hands and we went inside to have morning tea. Jai and Apollon went to Senior Kindy to have a play after morning tea as part of their transition process to their new room.

On the tables we had set up different activities:

– play dough and sticks: We had red and green colour for them to mix and create brown play dough, Ashton was making snakes and using the sticks to cut the snakes, Adam, Emilia, River, Claudia and Pia were doing cakes and using the sticks as candles. (O3, Children use their sensory capabilities with increasing integration, skill and purpose)

– Painting a tree trunk: we found a big tree trunk outside in one of our scavenger hunts this week, so we decided to paint it as a group activity, we used green, yellow, red, blue and purple to decorate it. It looks amazing 🙂 we will put it in our room once it´s dry.(O3, Children manipulate equipment with competence and skill)

-Bush walk & sorting activity: we went on a pretended bush walk to look for big and small things like sticks, rocks and leaves. After we all sorted what we had found into BIG and small, we used glue to stick it in a paper (O4, use representation to organise , record and communicate mathematical concepts. They use their senses to explore natural and built environents)

-We also had a play outside in the climbing net and the mini obstacle course, they love climbing and rolling down the net. (O1, Confidently explore and engage with social and physical environments through relationships and play)

We jumped the magic stick before washing hands and we had lunch inside, rest time and then we got ready to go outside and wait for mummy and daddy to pick us up for the weekend. (O1, Use effective routines to help make predicted transitions smoothly)

Hope you have a nice weekend!

Miss Shawn, Miss Cindy & Miss Marina.


Written by elctoddlers2

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