This morning was a quite and rainy morning so we started off our day with some outdoor play in a little toddlers 2 yard. Bowie arrived at kindy with lots of balloons to share with his friends for his 3rd birthday! Remi, Emilia, Carter, Michael and Bowie helped Miss Marina create a party net lined with the balloons. Alby, River and Jude enjoyed dancing to the music and moving their bodies. Sophia-Grace, Elsa, Shylie and Emmy sat with Miss Dakota chatting about their weekend and the things they got up to. At 9am Bowie, Emilia, Sophia-Grace, Chen-Yi, Shylie and Emmy headed off to gymnastics. Elsa arrived during morning tea and was greeted with lots of cuddles and lovely greetings.

overall it was a lovely day spent in the toddlers two room. we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Miss Desree, Miss Dakota, Miss Marina and Mr Lachie

and once again we would like to wish Bowie and Michael a huge happy 3rd birthday!!!! we hope you enjoyed your day with us at kindy xxx