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Good afternoon to all of our wonderful families!

Today we celebrated FLORAL FRIDAY, this has become a tradition at our kindy, with our centre paying tribute to this fun Torres Strait Island custom on the first Friday of every month. Our activity focus today was based on sensory play using our tactile and visual senses. Children were invited to gather around our giant activity tray and experiment with fun coloured rice and lots of natural plant elements found in our kindy garden….and Miss Rochelle’s garden. Carter, Summer, Francesca, Nyah, Darcy, Isla, Hugh, River, Mateo, and Imogen all gathered around to investigate. We added lots of scoops and small containers for the children to use and Miss Aurelie showed the children how to make a fun ramp to watch the grains of rice slide down which was a great introduction to explore motion. Miss Rochelle made a little garden with some flowers which our children then decided to create their own, experimenting with placing different leaves and plants into their garden. The scoops were great for practicing our hand eye co-ordination with almost everyone having a try at scooping rice into the containers provided. Isla started an idea for the children with removing her shoes to stand in the rice to feel the sensation with her feet, many of her friends decided to try this also! A highly successful activity with many children not wanting to pack away and end their experience😊 We will be certain to offer many more sensory activities into the future.

wishing you all a fantastic weekend, we look forward to seeing everyone back next week for lots more learning adventures!

Miss Rochelle and Miss Aurelie xoxo