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Hello families!

And happy Friday 😊 today we had a great time outside, we were using the pins to build a fence for Michael’s spiderman, they combined colours and made the fence in different heights all together Adam, Mason, Pia, Claudia, Emmy, ChenYi and Aubry were collaborating and sharing, very nice shared play. Emilia, Oliver and Carter were using the bikes to do races, going fast around the yard in circles and also going up the deck and around the tables, they smile and laughed at each other when stepping down the deck step with the bikes. River, Finn and Sadie draw amazing things on the blackboard using the chalk and also wet wipes to wipe his art down and start again. They also had a go in the sandpit! ChenYi and Aubry open the cupboard and got all the trucks out, Emilia, Sadie, Emmy, Pia and Claudia baked some cakes in the oven and sang happy birthday. They had so much fun and then we all packed away and went inside for morning tea.

Have a beautiful weekend

Miss Des’ree, Miss Marina and Miss Dakota



Please LABEL all your childs items.  We are not accountable for any toys from home that get lost or broken so please leave them at home. We are encouraging the children to take responsibility for their belongs by leaving their toys at home and to play with the toys at kindy. Thank you for all your support. Toddlers 2 xx


Parent teacher interviews will be Monday 23rd of November 3:30pm – 5pm

Our christmas party will be Wednesday 2nd of December at 10 – 11am

The children will be offered christmas activities, songs and dancing . hope to see you all there

Please don’t forget to collect your raffle tickets, they are in your child bag. Thank you