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Happy fun Friday toddlers!! We had a quieter day today which made for a nice group for learning.

This morning outside Blake spotted the garbage truck pulling into the driveway he was very excited pointing “truck truck” he was standing on his tippy toes to try and see it which was cute so miss Katherine lifted him up higher so that he could see it, we drew a crowd as everyone wanted to watch him lift the bins high in the air once he was finished everyone waved goodbye. During our group time we discussed how our rubbish gets to the big bins Jack said “I put my rubbish in that bin” and pointed to our classroom bin.

All of the children have been interested in Water play so Miss Katherine found some Magic colouring books, we used some cups with water in them to dip our paintbrushes in and paint the pages that were blank but once we added the water they changed colour right before their eyes, they were all fascinated by it and it seemed to take a calming effect on them as they seemed to paint slower and more gently with the paintbrushes.

Over at the playdough table Miss Katherine made some little ducks, Hannah started singing the 5 little ducks song, so we created a hill and a mummy duck Jack wanted to add a snake into the song which we did and we sat admiring what we had created!!

Hannah and Alex were playing with the pegs Hannah very cleverly sorted the pegs into colour groups, when Miss  Katherine asked her what colour each group was she named all of the colours correctly “blue, green and pink” Alex then started to place the pegs back in the buckets very quickly then tipped them into another empty bucket.

Zayanna has had another great day in our room she enjoyed playing at the playdough table with Charlize they were laughing together as they banged the playdough with their hands Lucy then came and joined in the fun but used her rolling pin to make circles in the dough.

We then had a well earned rest after a busy morning of fun and learning!
We hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend 🙂 Miss Katherine and Miss Jade

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