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Toddlers 2 – Friday 8th May, 2020

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Happy Friday!

This morning the yard was set up and with the intention to encourage as much gross motor development as possible. Michael, Adam, Mason and Emmy explored the bowling activity. They all took turns and rolled the bowling ball until all the pins had fallen. Once all the pins were on the ground the toddlers helped each other line it up for the next round!


Onyx and Ocean loved the book corner with the babies. The girls loved the imaginary play and took turns role playing caregivers.


Apollon, Adam, George, Finn and Sophie exercised their lower body on the bikes and pushed themselves around the yard.


Miss Des created a never ending obstacle course Emmy, Claudia, Tiana, Mason , Finn and Pia tested their skills and learnt to balance, co-ordinate and lift themselves on the equipment.

Miss Shawn did a special group time with a couple of children that wanted to participate in songs. She got the puppets out of the draw and gave them to the children.

Mason, Emilia, Tiana, Sophie, Emmy  and Onyx all got a turn with the puppets and sang the monkey song 4 times! The children giggled and made the sounds of the jungle.

For activity time we split the class up into two groups. Some friends explored the climbing net with Miss Marina while others stayed in the toddlers yard and participated in:

  • Painting
  • Bowling
  • Bike riding
  • Home corner activities with the babies and beds
  • Dancing!

Over all its been a wonderful day

Miss Des’ree Miss Dakota, Miss Shawn and Miss Marina

To all our mothers! Happy Mothers Day! Thank you for all your hard work and we hope you get spoilt!


Written by elctoddlers1

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