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Hello beautiful families and Happy Friday !

The day started with a beautiful weather, the sun was shining and the sky clear. The children were welcoming each other in the yard this morning and went straight away into play mode. They ran on the fort, pushed the lawn mowers, ride the bikes. We had some fun with the children catching up the balloon and throwing it in the air. Everybody had  a go to hit it higher. The children filled up the buckets in the sandpit. Then some of our children went to the gym and we went inside to get the morning tea. Baked beans with Tomato sauce and bread. Most of the children enjoyed it.

This morning the children creating their own play. They all found by themselves or in a group an activity to do . So we followed their interest and let them enjoying their free play in the room. They helped us to improved our french corner and we put a photo of our new French friend Pierre when he was in Paris. We welcomed Pierre the little pug saying with the children “Bonjour Pierre !! Comment ca va? “. “Good Morning Pierre, How are You ?” We hope that Pierre will have a lot of new French stories to tell us. We also practised the colors in french.

The children’ interest for books is growing and they were no space left on the couch in the book corner. Everybody was reading a book. Meanwhile other friends were playing in the cubby house and the home corner, while others were doing puzzles. Time for a group time with Miss Rochelle. The children loved dancing. Miss Rochelle then read a book about “Sesame street” telling about how each individual is very special in this word.  We had such a great time thank you so much.

We wish you all a great week end, much love !!

Miss Sue, Miss Rochelle and Miss Aurelie