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Hello Toddler 2 families and welcome to fun Friday! We have had a very relaxing day today as a few of our friends were away on holiday so just 6 friends today, but we have all had a great day.  We started the morning outside, Taytn and Blake were having a wonderful time in the water play trough splashing about and laughing together, they filled up their little buckets and then tipped them out back into the trough “oooooooh” they said as they watched the water fall out of the bucket.

Hannah and Charlize were having fun with Miss Meg doing pasting with paddle pop sticks, this was a great experience to further develop our fine motor skills (small muscle movement), we are creating our own photo frames to hang on the wall, they carefully placed the paddle pop sticks next to each other creating a square shape Hannah said “It’s sticky” when she touched the glue with her fingers.

Over in the home corner Aleks, Jack, Blake and Taytn had turned the home corner into a zoo Jack was busy giving out all of the costumes “Taytn is a tiger” he said to Miss Katherine as he handed Taytn the tiger costume, “he is a moo cow” giving  Blake  the cow costume, Miss Katherine asked Blake  what sound a cow made he cried “moooooooooooo” in a loud voice,  Aleks was a Zebra and he said “raaaaaaaaaaaa” I am going to be a dinosaur” said Jack and he put his costume on they then all sat on the mat together making animal noises and laughing at one another,  Taytn hopped up and started walking around the room shuffling his feet along, Blake, Aleks and Jack all followed one another around the room holding their hands up in the air pretending that they were some kind of monsters. All of the boys have played really well with each other today and it is great to see them initiating play with one another. Hannah and Charlize were having fun together also at the drawing table, Hannah drew a big blue circle on her page and then started to colour it in, Charlize was loving picking out all of the different coloured pencils and putting them back in the bucket when she was done.

Blake and Jack then went and hid in the dress up cupboard and were chatting with one another Miss Katherine was playing peek a boo with them through the little hole on the door handle. We then had a play outside in the big yard before coming indoors for a yummy lunch of chicken and vegetable Pizza, everyone thought that it was delicious as there was none left in their bowls!!!

We hope that you all have a relaxing and restful weekend and look forward to seeing you all next week!

Miss Katherine and Miss Meg 🙂