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Toddlers 2 – Monday 11th May, 2020

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Welcome to another week in toddlers!

This morning the toddlers loved exploring the yard. The outdoor activities that interested the children were:

  • Animals
  • Bikes
  • Balls
  • Music
  • Bubble catching!
    For group time today Miss Dakota captivated the children with songs and stories. We started with ‘The days of the week’ and our ‘Aboriginal greeting’. The toddler know and love our routine songs and can remember all the lyrics

During group time Michael and Finn requested “incy wincy spider”


Emmy said “ I want baa, baa”


Mack and Mickey said “ old Mc Donald had a farm!”


We couldn’t decide on what to sing so we sang all the songs the children requested, it was a very loud and fun group time for all the toddlers.  Well done!

We brought out our indoor activities and soaked up as much vitamin D as possible. The children enjoyed selecting the activities that interested them we observed:

  • Finn, Onyx, Emilia, Tiana, Emmy, Mack, Elsa, Alby and Pia enjoying self expression art. When Miss Des asked them to get creative they made “tigers that ROAR”, “rainbow elephants”, “Paw patrol”. WOW amazing work toddlers!
  • Alby, Finn, Daisy, Emmy, Mack, Tiana and Millie loved getting their face painted by Miss Dakota.
  • On the obstacle course Michael, Chen yi, George, Ocean and Jude practiced using their gross motor and fine motor development
  • During activity time Onyx, Alby, Michael, Apollon, Ashton and Zephyr watched the construction men cut down trees. “what are they doing?” said Miss Des Michael said “look their cutting!”

The toddlers loved exploring the outdoor activities and had a beautiful day.

We welcome Daisy back to the toddlers family today and a Happy Birthday to Jules who turned 2 this Saturday!


Over all its been a beautiful day

See you tomorrow

Miss Des’ree Miss Dakota and Miss Sue, Miss Rowena

Written by elctoddlers1

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