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Hello and welcome back to our beautiful families in Toddlers 2,

What a beautiful Monday!! The yard was full of smiley faces and hugs this morning. The children were so happy to see each other back after the weekend. This morning the balloons were the number 1 activity. They liked to run through the yard with it and climb on the fort then going down the slide. They were throwing the balloons in the air and catching them up. They liked to fill up the basket in the sandpit and using the big yellow trucks in the sand. Then some of our friends went to the gym, therefore we went back inside to have the morning tea.

Today it was porridge and pear. After everybody had they morning tea, they all packed away and we started some painting activities. We kept on going with the Eiffel tower project and painted some eggs cartons with some yellow paint, then the children enjoyed painting a “beret” in red, The very common French hat. Almost all the children chose to paint this morning but they also enjoyed to play in the book corner area where we have the little wooden house and the mini city made from cardboard. They were rolling the mini cars in the city and playing in the house with the little characters. Some children were tinking on the workbench, using the nails, the screw and the hammer. Home corner and the cubby house transformed as a restaurant.

For the group time this morning, the children had so much fun dancing to the wiggles and this was followed by a group time with miss Sue. She invited the 5 littles monkeys puppets and read the book “Hush little possum”.

Thank you very much for the beautiful start of the week

Much love

Miss Sue, Miss Cassey and Miss Aurelie