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Hello toddler 2 families and welcome back to another fun week of learning and welcoming more of our new friends!! Today we had Marley, Isabel, Ellie and Isabelle start with us today and they all had a wonderful first day exploring their environment!! Miss Camila came to do a sport class with us today and we had great fun having running races pretending to jump like a frog and jumping in and out of the hoola hoops all of the children had so much fun with them. We also had some fun dancing with Miss Thea, Miss Katherine and Miss Sue as Ellie, Marley, Emilie and juha are interested in dancing and what little groovers they and the rest of their classmates are!!

Thanks for a great day Toddlers enjoy all of the photos to show what a fabulous happy day we have had and well done to our new friends Ellie, Marley, Isabel and Isabelle being so brave on your first day of kindy!!!!

Love Miss Katherine, Miss Sue and Miss Thea 🙂DSC01719 DSC01718 DSC01716 DSC01714 DSC01712 DSC01711 DSC01710 DSC01708 DSC01700 DSC01699 DSC01698 DSC01697 DSC01693 DSC01691 DSC01690 DSC01683 DSC01682 DSC01679 DSC01675 DSC01671 DSC01669 DSC01668 DSC01667