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This morning the children spent the morning keeping dry and safe inside from the rain. Chen-Yi, Alby, Bowie and Emilia observed the outside from the window. They all engaged in conversation about how heavy the rain and what else was happening outside. Emilia pointed to the trees and said, “look at the tree !! the wind making it blow everywhere”.  Pia, Remi, and River utilized the home corner and the items there was to play with. Pia made the coffees as River and Remi waited at the tables for their drinks. Carter, Jude, and Oliver spent some time at the activity table using the connectors and the magnets making houses and all sorts of shapes. Shylie, Sophia- Grace, Elsa and Emmy took some time to themselves in the book corner flipping through the pages and looking at the pictures.

overall it was a great day in the toddlers 2 room. we look forward to seeing you again tomorrow and stay safe and dry in this weather !

Miss Desree, Miss Dakota, Miss Marina and Mr L achie