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Our day…..

What a beautiful day we have had in toddlers 2! This morning after our play outside the children came in and sat on the mat for some group time songs, all the toddlers sat down and were very interested in the puppets Miss Des’ree brought in. today we sang:

–         Humpty dumpty

–         4 cheeky monkeys

–         Hey diddle, diddle

–         Wriggly worm

–         Happy and you know it

The toddlers favourite song of the day was Wriggly Worm all together we sang:

 I went to the wriggly worm shop to buy a wriggly worm

I put him in my paper bag to see if he would squirm

And he went

Wiggle, wiggle , wiggle

Char, Char, Char

Wiggle! – char wiggle-char

Wiggle, wiggle , wiggle

 Char, char, char!!

After a delicious morning tea, the toddlers did a great job at clearing their own bowls and bottles they also put their scraps in the bin befor going off to play. Well done toddlers!

For activity time Miss Tara and Miss Thea prepared some Easter arts to get festive, we made carrot foot prints with orange paint lots of the children giggled when the paint brush tickled their feet! We also decided to decorate some Easter eggs using their fine motor skills to mauver the pencils Miss Des’ree was encouraging and showing the toddler pencil grip.  

Over all we have had a fantastic day!