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Welcome back for another week of fun and learning we hope that you had a restful weekend!!

This morning outdoors we Jack was interested in a little ant that was crawling on the deck, he followed it until it disappeared through the crack in the wood, “where has he gone”? he asked Miss Katherine said maybe he was hot and wanted to find some shade, “can we find some more”? So we went exploring through the garden to see what insects we could find. Bella spotted a little bird through the fence and ran up to it saying “birdie” and Jack found some more ants crawling on the pavers. We also took it in turns to use the watering cans to water our herb garden and discussed what helps the garden grow, Water, love and sunshine!!

We then came inside as it was getting too hot, we sat and had group time singing songs with Miss Katherine and Miss Meg, “if you’re happy and you know it” Alex, Bella, Blake, Jack and Taytn loved this song trying their best to sing along to the words and did an awesome job joining in with the actions. We discussed the weather on the weather chart Jack said that the sun was out and Miss Katherine said that it was going to be a very hot day so we had to make sure that we were drinking lots of water. We also read the story “possum Magic” that Jack chose from the shelf.

After a delicious morning tea we had free play and went to find our areas of interest in the classroom Blake was reading stories in the reading corner and pointed to the cars in the book “daddy’s car” he said,  Alex  was very busy in the home corner pulling out all of the pots and pans and putting them in the sink, he also loved the puppets laughing when Miss Meg said “peek a boo” with one of the puppets he  then put a puppet on his hand and pretended to play peek a boo too which was very cute to watch.

Bella and Jack were playing with the surf buggies zooming them up and down on the floor they also made a little car track out of the wooden blocks and started zooming them around the blocks.  Taytn was having a great time with Alex and Blake painting our family tree they used their hands to spread the paint all over the paper.

We then had a big rest before an afternoon and learning!!

Have a great night

Miss Katherine and Miss Meg